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Small business consulting two tomato farmers Edgar and Giovanni with Paraguay Emprende in Paraguay

Since last August , I’ve been small business consulting two farmers Edgar Ojeda and Giovanni Bogado as part of a national Peace Corps initiative, Paraguay Emprende.  I’ve been helping my friend Giovanni Bogado with his own small business, Tomate a la Caazapeña, by consulting him on business strategies in marketing, finance, accounting, and business management.  Giovanni will start selling tomatoes in the end of February in the city of Caazapa.

I provide business consulting for my other friend Edgar with his own tomato and pepper small business, Horti Sano, in the same areas. Edgar will start selling in the end of March in the cities of Caazapa, San Juan Nepomuceno, and Bueno Vista in the Department of Caazapa..  Both are GREAT businesses!

Working on Giovanni tomato farm!



Giovanni working on his farm!


Below is a picture working with Edgar!


Edgar’s farm pictured below!

IMG00671-20131220-1118his farm2his farm1

Edgar working on his farm:100_7568

Last year, they both we were winners of seed funds to start their own business from Peace Corps’ annual national program, Paraguay Emprende. Volunteers teach a class “Build Your Dreams” each year starting in March till July on how to make your business plan to Paraguayans who are looking to start their own actual small business but need guidance on how to begin. After the class, Volunteers take 1-3 of their best youth from their classes to a business camp competition in July where they compete for seed funds with other Paraguayans.


The best business plans win funds, possibly ranging around 3 million Guarani (a huge sum for Paraguayans- current exchange rate is about $4,500 G for $1 USD) that are critical to kick off their business. After that for the rest of the year and after, Volunteers help implement the business plan with the business owner helping them actually setting up and running their small business. See more information at

Giovanni’s tomatoes:


I’ll be doing exactly that this year. I’ll start teaching my business classes this March to help Paraguayans create their business plans for their small businesses and thereafter consult them in marketing, finance, accounting, and business management to help them create profitable businesses. I’m also helping on the Events Planning Committee and the Institutional Relations Committee for Paraguay Emprende.

Giovanni’s farm:


Edgar’s vegetables at an early stage:IMG00677-20131223-0911

In the case of Giovanni and Edgar, these were students of the previous Volunteer who was at my site until last July, Brittney Bororian, who also took them to the business competition – she did great preparing them for their businesses!!! I have since started where she left off with them by helping them implement their business plan and start their business.




One comment on “Small business consulting two tomato farmers Edgar and Giovanni with Paraguay Emprende in Paraguay

  1. brittanygoesglobal
    February 1, 2014

    One more fun fact in case you didn’t know— Giovanni and Edgar both tied for 1st place last year 🙂

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