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Forming the new group Youth For Caazapá – Jóvenes Por Caazapá, about youth leadership in PY and our first GB meeting of the year!

We had our first general body meeting of the year this past week to start planning our events, went great!

This is the flyer and logo I helped them make along with their Marketing Director and other members:


Jóvenes Por Caazapá (JOCA) is a new youth group I’m helping start as a Peace Corps Volunteer. JOCA focuses on promoting the civic, economic, and social development of the city of Caazapá and fraternity among its memebers.

I’m working as an adult advisor to the group with my own experience and leadership being part of many other youth groups in the US myself and other professional work with youth. I’ll be guiding the recently elected President along with the Executive Board and the rest of the members to hit the ground running this year.


I helped the group start with other youth here this past November from scratch, zero, so JOCA is a brand new group, it is just a few months old. They need all the help they can get as it is so new, so I’ll be supporting them every step of the way to ensure the sustainability of the group and so that it can also last after I leave Paraguay and beyond.

20140414-011140.jpg Youth in Paraguay

The group was created out of the need to have a central non-partisan, non-religious youth group open to all and any youth for all of the city of Caazapá whose mission is to promote the development of Caazapá and the fraternity and friendship among its members. Currently, there is no other youth group here that fills this role until JOCA was created. JOCA is meant to provide a positive impact and role for the youth in leadership and social responsibility.

As about 60% of the population of Paraguay is 30 years old or under (see the table below compared to the US), the youth and their grassroots and mobilization efforts are CRITICAL and KEY for the development and future of Paraguay. JOCA will be one of many other new youth groups that have been started in recent years in Paraguay to help bridge this gap.


20140414-012834.jpg Source: CIA World Factbook

The picture below shows some of the many youth groups in Paraguay that Peace Corps Volunteers have helped. Volunteers from my sector of Community Economic Development often work in this area of youth civic participation as it is one of the main pillars of the sector.


The youth are extremely excited and energized to get going as soon as possible with community projects. Here is to a great rest of the year!

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