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With my 1 yr work anniversary May 30th, I updated my resume to show my Peace Corps service! Every bright PYan smile along the way has made it more than worth it!!


With my 1 year anniversary with the Peace Corps approaching on May 30th, I’ve updated my resume with my work! I’ve not included everything, and I’ll still have to perfect the wording a bit and I’ll be adding a lot more still I’ve got about a 1 year left of service.

Also, you can check out my Linkedin page for my full resume,

Business consulting with Edgar for his small business, Horti-Sano! (

Edgar’s bell peppers he sells!

Business consulting with Giovanni, the small business owner of Tomate la Caazapeña! (

Giovanni’s organic tomatoes that he sells!

My resume update:

Community Economic Development Volunteer and Trainee, Peace Corps, Department of Caazapá, Paraguay, May 2013-August 2015

o Serving as a Volunteer with the Peace Corps, a federal agency of the US Government, in the site assignment of the Department of Caazapá, Paraguay for a 2 year term until August 15′ since being sworn in as a Volunteer in August 13′.

o Performed all work trilingually with high Spanish fluency and in the native Guarani language at an intermediate level.

o Consulted numerous agricultural and commercial small business owners in improving best practices in management, marketing, finance, accounting, IT, and operations.

o Further consulted small businesses by aiding them create business plans, balance sheets, income and cash flow statements, logos, flyers, signs, websites, social media campaigns and assisting them have access to micro-credit loans and grants through credit union banks, the local government and international agencies, among many other activities.

o Trained Paraguayans create over 70 business plans through teaching and managing a 15 part workshop course, part of Paraguay Emprende, a national Peace Corps program to train youth through workshops, classes and a national competition where the best plans win free seed funds to start their business.

o Consulted the two Paraguay Emprende 1st place winners of last years competition start their tomato and horticulture farming business, who both won 2 1/2 million Guaranies, from the beginning of the development stages of their business and sales and profits phases.

o Supported the project management of Paraguay Emprende by serving on the Events Committee by planning operations, scheduling and logistics of the regional workshops and the national competition with a team of three others.

o Assisted writing a Community Needs Assessment study for Caazapá through various one-on-one interviews and leading facilitating workshops to identify needs, resources, problems and possible solutions alongside principle actors and institutions in site such as the Governorship, the Governor’s cabinet, local municipal, national governmental agencies, credit unions, youth groups, universities, international agencies, among others.

o Led youth in helping them create Youth For Caazapá, a non-partisan, non-religious youth group open to any youth whose mission is to promote economic, social, leadership and civic development of Caazapá and fostering the fraternity among it’s members, the only one of its kind in Caazapá.

o Supported in leading as a team captain a group of youth during an annual leadership camp for youth, part of a national Peace Corps initiative, Youth For Paraguay.

o Taught English as a work development skill to over 80 students.

o Created a personal blog about Peace Corps service at with over 900 hits reaching over 23 countries.


o More to come!

And of course there are things you can’t put in a resume but make all the difference especially in the Peace Corps…..such as all the countless Paraguayans I’ve helped put a smile on their face and made their day a bit brighter by giving them time, attention, help, and love or at least a bit of hope.


Or maybe by just making them laugh at my horrible Guarani accent or my silly American ways! Haha 🙂

Even though I still have much more time in committed service, I know I’ve already made a real positive change in the world!


And for all those who I have helped make a world a brighter more peaceful place, even if it is just one or two people that I make a life lasting positive impact, has made everything much more than worth it! 🙂



One comment on “With my 1 yr work anniversary May 30th, I updated my resume to show my Peace Corps service! Every bright PYan smile along the way has made it more than worth it!!

  1. Elena Patricia Bustamante-Sanchez
    May 14, 2014

    I am very proud of you Adrian, may God continue to Bless you on your very special mission. A wonderful journey of a life time. Love you always.

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