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Paraguay Emprende National Workshop

FELICIDADES PARA LOS ESTUIDENTES DE CAAZAPA QUE FUERON AL TALLER DE PARAGUAY EMPRENDE!!! Fabiana Cardozo, Shirley Zoraida Bogado Martinez, David Rivas Ullon, y Cesar Davalos!!!!!

Era un experience ESPECTULAR compartir este taller del Cuerpo de Paz sobre emepzando tus negocios en Asu. Ustdes represetanaron el mejor de Caazapa como ganaron la competencia local de Caazapa para la clase de Plan de Negocio para ir se a la taller, felicidades otra vez.

Ayunado negocios como ustdes ha sido el mejor parte de mi servico como Voluntario del Cuepo de Paz, gracias para esa opportunidad! 😀

Suerte empezado tus negocios, yo como Voluntatio y amigo estare ahi para ustdes cada paso que necesidad. Y tambien para cualquieia que estaba en mi clase de negocios, sera feliz ayudar todo ustdes!

-Fabiana Cardoza represento Vivero Panambi, la producion y venta de flores. Ella y sus amigas estan empazado este negocio Andrea Elizabeth Gamarra Gonzalez Leticia Beatriz Ortellado Cabrera Madjesus Duarte Kleiner Paola Báez Recalde

-Shirely Bogado tiene su negocio Locote la Estrella sobre la producion y venta de locote. Esta empezando este negocio con su amiga Rossana.

-David Rivas tiene el negocio La Coescha que es la producion y venta de frutilla.

-Cesar Davalos tiene el negocio Granja Landrace que es la producion y venta de lechon.

Todos son para mi el mejor negocios del taller, excelente negocios son!!! Van hacer super superrrr bien!!! Y suerte y exito!


Congratulations to my students who went to Paraguay Emprende!!! PE is a national Peace Corps workshop in Paraguay where Volunteers bring the best students from their cities to take part and learn in this workshop and also compete for seed funds to start their own business.

They all did a superb job starting their businesses and creating their business plans! They were part of my business plan class I taught last March to May that had about 80 students and 40 business plans created at the end. Ten in June I was helping the winners of the class get ready for the national workshop in July and also helping organize as he workshop as part of the Events Committee.

This is the project that took the most hours and work but also the most rewarding to see so many youth ready to start their businesses. After endless hours of work, I’ll take a little break, ha. Consulting small businesses like these is my passion and what I focus on most during my Peace Corps service. 😀

-The business of Fabiana with her 4 other friends is the production and sell of flowers, Vivero Panambi.

-Shirely and Rossana’s business is Locote la Estrella, the production and sell of bell peppers.

-David’s La Coescha is the production and sell of strawberries.

-And Cesar’s Granja Landrace is the production an sell of pork.

These youth won a local business competition in Caazapa to able to go to the competition in Asuncion, so they do represent the best of Caazapa! If anyone would like to help these businesses in any way, even from the USA, let me know! Good luck to these outstanding youth starting their businesses and fulling their dreams!!









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