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Hakueterei, what a hot summer! Is Paraguay the hottest place on Earth?

Haku!! Guarani for hot, or hakueterei, it’s so hot or the hottest, are the words you hear most all year round especially during December to February, the PY summer.

Overall throughout the year Paraguay is hot and humid with a temperate climate and subtropical regions and raining all year round with the heaviest from December to March. Paraguay is made up of mostly rolling pastures, ideal for agriculture, thick primeval forests, hills (not exceeding 2,000 ft), and swamp regions in the Chaco. (More geographical information here.)

py Photo: PYan grassland country side, JICA

This truly beautiful scenery, unique in the world, is my view most of the time in Paraguay especially as my site is out in the middle of the country surrounded my farmland.  I’m very lucky to be in a place like this. It is great to sit back on a hammock and be away from the world, materialism, and the daily rat-race and really reflect about what is more important, the meaning of life, how beautiful it is and how we are on all on this Earth together as brothers going on the same journey.

IMG_1036 However, as beautiful as nature is in Paraguay, the heat can be brutal! Ha. In the picture below, I had just finished walking 30 blocks in Paraguay in the middle of summer and I was just about melting off the earth, so hottt! I wasn’t very content at the moment. It stays around the 90s throughout if not many times creep toward 100 or even over! If you just walk one block to get bread, you come back wanting to shower.  I’ve never felt such intense heat in the USA where I have been in such as Florida, Illinois and Washington, DC.  PY summers are among the hottest anywhere in the world for sure. 2015/01/img_3476.jpg

Hottest Place?

However, I was surprised to see that PY is not the location that holds the record for the highest temperature recorded, which actually goes to Dasht-e Lut, Iran at scourging 159.3 degrees and not far behind is Australia’s Badlands with at a whoomping 156.7 degrees or Dallol, Ethiopia which has the highest average annual temperature from 1960-66 at a staggering 94 degrees year round!  So, I shouldn’t complain but still PY is the hottest place I have been by far! See more here at this article on ”10 of the hottest places on earth”.

dasht_e_lut Photo: Dasht-e Lut, Iran. ix3svs/Flickr

australia_hottest Photo: Australia’s Badlands. Rob and Stephanie Levy/Flickr

dallolPhoto: Dallol, Ethiopia, Wiki Commons

The weather year around in Paraguay is similar to Florida’s tropical weather especially the more mild winter, however it does get much more hotter during the summer. Temperatures range from 77 degrees F to 109 degrees F (25 degrees C to 43 degrees C) with the average high during the summer months at 95 degrees, comparable to Ethopia’s record except thankfully it is only during the summer, and not year around.

As a result of elevations not higher than 600 m, summer temperatures remain similar throughout.  As it is a landlocked country, there is no ocean breeze so it gets more dry but there is wind that comes over the grasslands as there are no mountains in PY.

Case in point, this week’s weather, in the 100s!

The winter, from May to September, can reach freezing at 42 degrees although the average high in the coldest month is still 71 degrees, just about summer weather. It can get up to around 85 degrees or at least feel like it all year round.  For sure the summer is the more extreme. See more information on climate conditions from Lonely Planet. Sometimes I wonder if I prefer a Chicago winter over a PY summer, but at the end I do prefer heat than cold as long as I have a working fan and my tereré at hand.

terere Photo: Tereré, Taringa! #pysummer #losingholidayweight #pyverano #haku

One comment on “Hakueterei, what a hot summer! Is Paraguay the hottest place on Earth?

  1. Marcelo
    January 10, 2015

    Summer or warm weather, anytime! One must be crazy to long for a Chicago winter

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