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Peace Corps/Caveman Diet – Where I’m at


At least I’ve lost 6 pounds in Paraugay since Christmas and the holidays after putting on quite a bit in my trip back to the USA (thanks Five Guys and Tacobelll)! I’m at 227 lbs now (low in PY though was 194 about a year ago and I was 233 when I first came down). I think I can lose another 10-20ish before I leave August 7th, but then I can never eat at fast food places (no beer too) in the USA or I know il go right back up (once a week should be okay though, haha)! Basically, I’ve realized since being here, that in the US we eat way too many unnatural processed junk foods with way too many chemicals (only God knows what is in all of that) and far too big portions.

Here living in a developing country, in many cases a rural town/village like my site, and on a more meager Volunteer allowance, we are forced to eat more simple, organic, and in smaller amounts (requiring discipline and knowing you will feel more full later on, and also drinking a lot of water or in in PY, terere) instead of going to, say, the local all you can eat Pizza Hut buffet and pigging out as there are none any near by (although ironically there are a few in the capital Asuncion as well as McDonalds). As a result, I’ve had to learn how to cook at home too, which in my case is a big deal because I didn’t really know much before.


Here I have eaten without knowing at first what it really was, more along the lines of a Caveman diet, more meats (Pyans LOVE meat and their cookouts, there is actually more cattle in PY than there are Pyans), vegetables, and fruits, and almost no processed foods like chocolate bars, Poptarts, and the like, although I would binge on those in the US or at times when I go to Asuncion for a break. There are very little if any major fast food chains around my town too and although there is PYan “fast food” like locally made empanadas, it is usually with more organic ingredients and much smaller portions than what you get at McDonalds.


And along with the Caveman diet, I happen to usually do at least some daily exercise mainly because, per PC rule, we’re not allowed to drive cars or motorcycles, so we basically just walk everyone in our towns, often times 15 to 30 min a day just to go work or buy groceries, plus any other regular exercise.

It has been a fun learning experience learning to eat healthy and feeling great becuase of it. I’ll be continuing this in the US, thanks Peace Corps!

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